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Casing Spooler


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Natural casing spooler for vacuum filler.

Patented roller that can be matched to the funnel diameter to achieve the best gripping on the casing surface.

Suitable mounting on the table or the original vacuum filler support.

Thanks to the experience, design and manufacturing based on high technology, ANDHER ADT-80 is the best casing spooler due to the following reasons:

- Easy to clean, because there are not inaccessible areas, thanks to its hygienic design.

- Quiet, due to its built-in electric motor.

- Faster, due to its patented adjustable roller.

- Reliable and durable, due to its simplicity and high-quality construction materials.

- Easy to install on the filling table or the original vacuum filler support.

- Safe, due to its safety switch located in the handle, and the absence of pinch locations.

- Operation by low electric voltage, removing any electric risk.

- Easy maintenance.

- Suitable for all natural casing types, without damage on the casing surface.

- Ergonomic, avoiding occupational and personal injury.

These and many more advantages make ADT-80 the best natural casing spooler in the market.


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