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Semi-automatic Tying Machine


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Semi-automatic tying machine of sausage through straight string.

Works with sausage in natural and synthetic casing.
User-friendly, quiet and safe operation.
Straight thread simulating the traditional handmade sausage tying, besides of other innovative functions.

Thanks to the experience, design and manufacturing based on the high technology, ANDHER ASM-140 semi-automatic tying machine is:

- Easy to clean, because there are not inaccessible areas.

- Quiet, due to its included electronic motors.

- Fast, up to 140 ties per minute, self-limited.

- Reliable and durable by simplicity and motion control.

- Easy set-up for ties number, speed, diameter, separating ball and stop, thanks to its easy and intuitive screen.

- Safe by including comprehensive safety features, among which is the foreign objects detection, which stops the machine automatically.

- Easy-to-find thread, because it is not subject to a unique supplier on the market.

- Easy maintenance.

- Suitable for traditional finishing because it makes a similar handmade tie, strangling the casing totally to get the correct pressure within each portion. This step is performed with the greatest care to avoid any casing breakage.

These and many more advantages make ANDHER ASM-140 the best semi-automatic tying machine of the market.


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