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Vacuum Filling


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Patented system for vacuum filling, through concentric nozzles, joined to any kind of vacuum filler.

Improves the finishing and the final quality naturally, saving casing!

Thanks to the experience, design and manufacturing based on the high technology, ANDHER VAE-10 is a patented system that achieves:

- Better quality product, by removing the air inside of the casing without any chemical.

- Shorter processing time, avoiding pricking to eliminate the inner air.

- Important casing saving, by packing the sausage full, getting more weight in less casing length.

- Improved presentation, with absence of inner air spaces.

- Reduces the shrinkage and curing time.

- Eliminates moisture inside the casing, achieving a significant curing and quality improvement.

- Removes black oxidation and rancidity, avoiding sharing the inner air with meat and organic ingredients such as garlic, proteins...

- Full access to cleaning without tools.

- Easy maintenance.

- Reliability and duration, material construction and components from leading European brands and security according to current regulations.

These and many more advantages with ANDHER VAE-10.


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