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ANDHER began its journey in the meat machinery sector 33 years ago. The company was founded by Mr. Eliseo Andujar, outstanding professional who had experience over many years in this meat market sector.

Until 2000, the company COMERCIAL ELISEO ANDUJAR, S.L. was mainly dedicated to the marketing, second-hand sale, repair and maintenance. It was at that moment that the brand ANDHER is created to set the manufacturing of our own machinery, based on our gained experience in this sector.

The work team is formed by the best professionals, who analyze each machine to the last detail. We have the latest technology in design programs in order to be able to offer our “know-how” to our customers.

ANDHER is a dynamic and innovative company at the vanguard of technological development, demonstrated by the industrial patents at global level. Our daily desire for growth and our constant concern to offer our customers the best quality, product and services, are our hallmark.