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Patented automatic filling system for all types of casings.

Adaptable to all types of stuffers.

Quick and easy filling to achieve a perfect filling of the casings, thus achieving maximum yield and homogeneity in the product.


Thanks to manufacturing based on design and high technology SF is an automatic filing system that it is characterized by:
- Adaptable to any filler, continuous or piston.
- Vacuum system through concentric tubes that extracts the ain from the sausage as well how it retains the casing to achieve a perfect filing.
- Easy operation by touch screen.
- Quick training for the person who stuffs.
- Casing sensor for automatic stop of the stuffer.
- Quick format change with all data stored in programs.
- Allows portioning with the stuffer.
- Suitable for all types of casings, whether natural or artificial.
These and many more advantages make ANDHER SF the perfect way to stuff.


Please, click here to watch tutorial video.

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